Kanha Poshak believes Laddu Gopal should have a lavish, fashionable, comfortable lifestyle. We source each piece of fabric that we use in our collection from small producers and artisans.

All who have faith in Bhagwan Krishna should welcome Laddu Gopal Ji in their home for all the positive energy and good vibes for the home beings.

And for all the Laddu Gopal Ji believers, we are bringing an entire lifestyle, including Laddu Gopal Poshak, Mukut, Mala, and many more accessories for your Bal Gopal (Laddu Gopal Ji) in a very stylish, fashionable, and at affordable prices.

Geeta Dangayach

Founder, Owner

Kanha Poshak was established in 2021 with the Blessing of Narayan, its trademark legacy in selling the trendsetters’ wardrobe in the apparel, accessories, and décor for the LADDU GOPAL. Laddu Gopal is also known as Bal Gopal Ji as the childhood name of Lord Shri Krishna or Kanha Ji. He is one of the most admired Hindu Gods. We all count on God, his blessings, and his positive energy. We all have a stylish, fashionable, and livelihood lifestyle. We all dress up according to the occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, picnic, festival, and so on, then why not? Laddu Gopal should have all the different outfits in his wardrobe as per the occasion; after all, he is the maker of the world. Mrs. Geeta Dangayach originated this idea of KANHA POSHAK to provide for Laddu Gopal and give every Laddu Gopal of every home a completely different lifestyle. In keeping up with the ladder, Ms. Tulsi Dangayach came in with her creativity and sense of distinctiveness in apparel, accessories, and decor for all sizes of Laddu Gopal in the KANHA POSHAK slab.

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